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The certification under ISO 9001:2000 in 2008 confirms that we fulfil the pertinent requirements with respect to customers and authorities and that our management system is subjected to a process of continuous improvement. 
The control system covers whole processed in material incoming, production process and packaging control in stock. 
Lean and Highly qualified staff team, advanced testing machine are also contributed to our quality.

Ervin test machine
Use for fatigue life test
Standard : VDFI8001

Shape Tester
Use for shape test 
Standard : VDFI8001

Vickers hardness tester
Use for hardness test
Standard: VDFI8001

Weight(density) tester
Use for weight test

Screen the size of steel  shot 
Standard : VDFI8001

Composition tester
Test the content of C and S in steel  shot 
Standard :SAEJ441

Tensile tester
Test the tensile performance of raw material (steel wire)

Multi-elemental analyzer
Test the content of Cr, NI in steel shot
Standard: SAEJ441

Metallographic sample grinder

Hot metallographic Use for sample mounting


Metallographic microscope

Rockwell hardness tester