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Ceramic shot
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Ceramic shot Ceramic shot

Grinding media: wear-resistant ceramic microbeads, zirconium-aluminum composite beads, zirconium silicate beads, yttrium stabilized zirconia beads, cerium stabilized zirconia beads

  • Product Description

Product features:

  • Zirconia ceramic shot are made by high-temperature melting method, suitable for sandblasting and shot peening;
  • Ceramic shot has good roundness, high hardness and fracture toughness, which can ensure the consistency of shot peening strength and workpiece surface finish;
  • Ceramic shot have a wider range of particle size specifications, which can meet the needs of surface finishing, shot peening, deburring, surface cleaning, non-ferrous and non-ferrous metal descaling.

Application field:

  • Remove the deposited carbon and other impurities in the glass making and rubber mold without damaging the surface and fine edges of the container;
  • Remove sheet and metal gasket burrs; Electronic engineering plastic surface treatment;
  • Shot peening of alloy components such as blades, blades and turbines of aviation engines;
  • Gear, thread internal and external shot peening, plasma spray tightening strengthening; .
  • Shot peening and surface treatment of medical devices and implants;
  • Surface cleaning and finishing of stainless steel containers for food and pharmaceutical industry;



Product Name Product Process Main Components

True density


Bulk Density


Vickers Hardness


Zirconia ceramic shot Melting method

ZrO265 ± 3%

SiO230 ± 3%

3.85 2.3 643-785
Particle size (mm) Sand blast

    JZB20: 0.600-0.850mm JZB30: 0.425-0.600mm JZB40: 0.250-0.425mm

    JZB60:0.125-0.250mm JZB120:0.063-0.125mm JZB205:0.000-0.063mm



    JZ100: 0.100-0.150mm JZ150: 0.150-0.210mm JZ210: 0.210-0.300mm 

    JZ300: 0.300-0-425mm JZ425: 0.425-0.600mm JZ600: 0.600-0.850mm JZ850:0.850-1.180mm