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Cut Wire Shot
Cut Wire Shot
Cut Wire Shot
Cut Wire Shot
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Cut Wire Shot Cut Wire Shot

  • Brand: Springshot china
  • Product Description

Peening purpose: applicable for surface peening in automotive and aviation industry to optimize the fatigue performance of key safety components, for example: chassis , suspension ,gears in engine and gearbox ,power unit ,undercarriage , parts.
Cleaning purpose: shot cleaning, rust removing. For example: preparation for ship steel plate, forging and casting.
Executive standards
VDFI8001、SAE-J441、SAE –J827、SAE-J1993、SAE-AMS2431、SAE-AMS-S-13165

Comparison table
Grade Size (mm) Corresponding cast steel shot grade
CW12 0.30 S-110
CW14 0.35 -
CW17 0.45 -
CW20 0.50 S-170
CW23 0.60 S-230
CW28 0.70 S-280
CW32 0.80 S-330
CW35 0.90 -
CW41 1.00 S-390
CW47 1.20 S-460
CW54 1.40 S-550
CW62 1.60 S-660
Other sizes can be customized upon request


Hardness range

Hardness range (HRC)
Steel cut wire shot 40-45 48-52 55-60 58-63
Other specifications can be customized upon request

Types of shape 

Types of shape
                 304不锈钢丝切丸-G0 (2) 304不锈钢丝切丸-G1 (2) 304不锈钢丝切丸-G2 (2) 304不锈钢丝切丸-G3 (2)
As cut G1 G2 G3